The city is favourably situated on the crossing of the main lines and at a distance of 382 km (237,36 mi) south from Moscow (motorway M2, E95)

The means used to get from Moscow to Oryol.
  • It takes 4,5 hours to get from Moscow to Oryol in the premium service express №825 which departs from Kursky Railway Station of the capital except the second Tuesday of every month.
  • It takes about 7 hours to get from Kursky Railway Station in Moscow to the destination in the 23,43 passenger train №603. It departs daily in summer (in the other months it does not depart on Sundays).
  • There are more than 20 other trains that can transport you from Kurski Railway Station and some trains from Kievski Railway Station. It takes 5-7 hours.