Literary Oryol

Introductory tour 2-3 days long.

Program: city sightseeing tour «The literary places of Oryol»; such museums as the I. Bunin Museum, the N. Leskov Museum, the I. Turgenev Museum, the Oryol Writers Museum, the out of town museum-estate of I.S. Turgenev «Spasskoye-Lutovinovo».

Oryol - the city of the First salute

Introductory tour 2-3 days long.

Program: city sightseeing tour «Oryol - the city of the First salute»; the War Historical Museum; the excursion «Novosil-Viazhi» to the place of breaking through the Nazi's defences in summer, 1943; or «Bolhov-Krivtsovo» including the war memorial in the place of the bloody battle in winter, 1942.

The creative work of the Russian poets and Oryol writers

Educational literary tour for school children 3-4 days long. The tour tells tourists about the life and creative work of such famous Russian writers as I. Bunin, N. Leskov, I. Turgenev, A. Fet, L. Andreev.

Program: city sightseeing tour «Oryol landmarks», «Oryol in Leskov's works», «Ivan Bunin in Oryol», the museum-estate of I. S. Turgenev «Spasskoye-Lutovinovo».

The nature and the natives of Oryol region

Natural history tour for schoolchildren 2-3 days long.

Program: city sightseeing tour «Oryol landmarks»; The Nature Hall of the Museum of Regional Studies; the hall of M. Prishvin in the Oryol Writers Museum; excursion to the National park «Orlovskoye Polesie». The 3-day tour includes the excursion «The Nature of the Oryol Region in the works of I. Turgenev» in Spasskoye-Lutovinovo.

The mellow chime over the Oka river

Educational or pilgrimage tour 3-4 days long.

It introduces tourists into the history of Christianity in Rus and shows the buildings for public worship in Oryol region.

Program: excursion «The Churches of the old Oryol» (15 churches and cloisters of the XVITXX centuries, the evening service in a church, the house-museums of L. Andreev and N. Leskov, the museum-estate of I. S. Turgenev «Spasskoye-Lutovinovo» (a visit to the saint martyr Kuksha's well included).


Memorable places of Oryol

Forty-five kilometre bus tour 4 hours long.

The city sightseeing includes the most remarkable historical monuments and memorable places.

Learn to love your city.

30 kilometre bus tour 3 hours long

The city sightseeing tour for children

Literary places of Oryol

40 kilometre bus tour 4 hours long

The tour aims to acquaint tourists with the richest literary traditions of Oryol, works of Oryol writers I.S. Turgenev, I.A. Bunin, N.S. Leskov, L.N. Andreev, A.A. Fet, F. I. Tyutchev. The city sightseeing includes monuments to the writers, memorable places of their lives and creation. Ta their discretion tourist may visit one of the literary museums.

Theme-based excursion

Bus or walking tours 2-3 hours long «Turgenev’s places in the town of Oryol» «L. Andreev in Oryol» «Oryol reflected in Leskov’s Works»

Boat trip along the Oka River

Boat trip 1,5 hours long aims to acquint tourists with the geographical position of the city, its managerial structure and places of interest en route.


Along I.S. Turgenev’s Motherland

150 km bus tour 8 hours long

The excursion includes visiting the Turgenevs family estate «Spasskoye-Lutovinovo». En route tourists get to know about the writer’s life and creation connected with Oryol region.

From Turgenev to Tolstoy

360 km bus tour 12 hours long

The route passes through Oryol and Tula regions and accomplishes with the excursion around the museum-estate of L.N. Tolstoy «Yasnaya Polyana»

Krivtsovski memorial

140 km bus tour 8 hours long

The excursion is held in commemoration of the ordeal of the Great Patriotic War – the battles on the fields near Bolhov in February and March, 1942.

National Park «Orlovskoye Polesie»

200 km bus tour 8-10 hours long

The National park «Orlovskoye Polesie» has been established on the territory of Khotynetski and Znamenski districts.It is a remarkable corner of animate nature. Popular forms of recreation are visiting the open-air cages where wild animals are kept, walks to the Holy Fountain, rest at the spectacular lakeside, picking berries and mushrooms.

To the battlefields near Novosil

150 km bus tour 10 hours long

The excursion route Zalegoshch-Novosil-Vjazhy tells about a great offensive operation against the Germans in summer 1943.

Orthodox Bolkhov

150 km bus tour 6 hours long

Bolkhov is an ancient Russian town. The first permanent settlement was made at the beginning of the first century AD. The town of Bolkhov is famous for its temples and cloisters.

By 1917 there had been established 18 parish churches, Optin Monastery and Bogoroditsko-Vsesvyatsky Convent. Despite the fact that the majority of the temples were destroyed, nowadays many of them are being reconstructed. In the course of the excursion tourists attend restored six-altar Transfiguration Cathedral and Optin Trinity Convent.


Auto route «The national park tour». It includes a sightseeing tour of the church of the Holy Trinity in the settlement Lgov, The Holy Fount, archeological memorials and the literary museum of local lore «Turgenev’s Polesie» in Ilyinskoe settlement. The guide will give information about the purposes of creating the park, flora and fauna of Polesie, its legends and traditions. The route length is 46 km (28,58 mi) and lasts 4 hours. The customers’ transport.

Auto route «The lakes and the rivers of Polesie» The Tsentralnoye, the Staroe and the Obmezh are the main stops-over of the route. Each of the lakes has its history, peculiarities and unique beauty. The route is 27 km(16,78 mi) 3-4 hours. The customers’ transport.

The eco-path «The springs of Polesie» The route goes along the picturesque lakes and 11 beautiful and well-appointed springs of Polesie.
The route is 15,2 km (9,44 mi) long and lasts 5-6 hours.

The eco-path «Peaty Lakes» It gives information about peatery on the park territory in the after half of the 20th century, unique plant and animal life of peat bogs, landscapes of the park.
The route length is 3,1 kilometres and lasts 2 or 3 hours.

The eco-path «Sopov’s hillock» On the path one can see rare broad-leaved wood and mixed woods planted by foresters.
The route is 1,2 km long and lasts 1-2 hours.

The eco-path «Pinery» On the path you may enjoy walking in the young fir-wood or spreading oaks, listening to birdsongs or sounds of springs, watching fussy ants. You can also observe vital activity of deer, squirrels and moles.
The route is 1,5 km long and lasts 102 hours.

The eco-path «Saharov’s springs» The picturesque forest landscapes, the natural spring water, the equipped recreation zones are waiting for their visitors.
The route is 3,5 (2,17mi) long and lasts 2-3 hours.